About us

We are experienced entrepreneurs who travel the world, looking to solve problems that we come across as we travel around. Losing items is one of the hazards of travelling, so you have to be organised and ready for mishaps. Some can be from a hazy night out and others can be out of your control.
Through our experiences, we have learned the hard way and have had to become savvy in how we deal with a lost mobile or important documents. Learning to solve these problems, led us to develop systems that we thought others would also find useful.
Modern technology can be useful but also daunting, so we have made everything very simple, as we figure if an 80 year old can set up and use our products, then the younger ones will find it really easy too.


We all have deadlines that need remembering and attention, so we set up our systems to auto email us before their due dates, so that we are prepared and ready. On a trip back to the UK, one of us realised that cars, like in Australia, no longer had tax discs on display and everyone had a horror story about themselves, or a friend who had been caught out by forgetting to update their cars MOT/pink slip or TAX/REGO. We had the same problem with visas, not car MOT or Tax and we had a visa system solution already set up for visas reminders (via an interactive key ring). So we thought, lets adapt our key rings to help organise people to remember and plan, so they are not caught short, when driving their cars around.

Do you care?

If you have not renewed your MOT/pink slip or your car tax/rego and they are out of date, then you are not insured, even if your premiums are being debited out of your account. Fines are one thing but not being insured is a no no. There is no excuse in the eyes of the law and they have the number plate reading technology linked live to the Department of Transport database. So they know and you do not.

Team Rkive