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Members can share around special events between other members. They can capture all the emotion and enjoyment in their own private calendar. Simply upload pictures to the date in the calendar and re visit whenever you wish. You can also share via your social media sites, with just one click.


By becoming a member of Rkive you will receive reward points that can be redeemed and used against special offers and exciting competitions which we run through the site from time to time. Once a member sets up an event, a unique URL is created, within their account to share with family and friends by email or SMS. No Social Media is involved. Allow the comments you want to be shared, hidden or deleted. Deactivate the link at anytime you wish.


Register and create an event to add into your calendar. Keep it private or share the love around. Upgrade for more options. We offer a 50% discount to all carers and family and friends involved in the NDIS. Please contact us for a discount checkout code, so we can help you out. Email:

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Many Features

Create Events

Weddings, Births, Birthdays, 18ths, 21sts, New Home, New Pet, Past Events, Upcoming Events, All stored in date order for ease of access

Add Comments

Add comments to your own photos and those of friends and families. You can hide from others, delete or turn off all comments

Share an Event

Share an event with only family and friends. Then choose what you may want to share via social media

Share what YOU want

Keep private, just share with who want. If you share by mistake, just re name the event to disable the link

Sharing and Caring

Eliminates Social Media bullying. Share your event with only those you wish too, allowing encouragement and support between family and friends.

Stored by Date

Past, Present and Future events allow you to go back in time to retrieve images for 18ths, 21sts or Funerals.

Basic Users

Silver Users

Gold Users

Platinum Users

Choose Your Plan

If you choose to no longer subscribe to, you will still be able to view all the events you have created.



  • List 365 Events
  • 10 images per event
  • Your Personal Webpage Link
  • Privacy Options included
  • Earn 50 reward points
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • List 365 Events
  • 15 Image Upload/Event
  • Your Personal Webpage Link
  • Privacy options included
  • Earn 100 reward points
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • List 365 Events
  • 20 Image Upload/Event
  • Your Personal webpage link
  • Privacy Options Included
  • Earn 250 reward points
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • List 365 Events
  • 30 Image Upload/Event
  • Your Personal Webpage Link
  • Privacy Options Included
  • Earn 500 reward points
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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